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Gua sha is a healing and relaxing technique used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The treatment involves repeatedly scraping lubricated skin to produce temporary discoloration (also called a “sha rash” or “raising the sha”).

Gua Sha Glens Falls - Saratoga SpringsMedical research has show that raising the sha produces an anti-inflammatory response and an increase in immune response that can last for days. Patients may feel immediate relief with treatment from pain, joint and muscle stiffness, increased mobility, cough and wheezing; the back, neck, arms, legs, chest, shoulders and buttocks are the areas most commonly treated.

The Gua sha scraping tool has been made of a variety of substances over the centuries including ceramics, jade, bamboo, wood, bone or metal. The lubricant can also be a variety of lotions but most practitioners use a good quality massage oil or cream.

To perform Gua sha, the practitioner lubricates the skin then repeatedly scrapes or strokes the skin using light to moderate pressure. The purpose of the repeated strokes is to , which are considered pathogenic in TCM. As a result of this stroking/scraping, the stagnation begins to break up and come up to the surface of the skin, resulting in the sha rash. The color and density of the sha rash is an indication of how stagnant the Qi and/or Blood was. Sha rashes can range from pale red to dark purple; the darker the rash, the worse the stagnation. Sha rashes usually last less than a week depending on the patient’s circulation of Qi and Blood.

We recommend taking it easy after a Gus sha treatment. Drink plenty of water; get light to moderate activity and plenty of rest. Avoid alcohol, drugs, fasting, sex and exercise for the rest of the day.

How will you know if Gua sha is the treatment for you?

Gua sha is a very effective treatment for: tender and aching muscles, overuse injuries, trauma, and chronic conditions with pain and/or inflammation, upper respiratory conditions such as asthma, colds, flu or bronchitis.

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