Facial cupping is a technique used for many years by women around the world for facial rejuvenation and maintenance.  The technique utilizes a gentle form of negative pressure and is safe, effective and very comfortable.  Small cups are used during the session to create a gentle vacuum that lifts the skin along with the soft tissue and muscle beneath.  This increases blood flow to the area and allows for the drainage of lymph, waste products from cells and excess fluid from the face and neck.  The small cups also gently massage tight muscles and fascia beneath the skin.

Unlike traditional body cupping where the cups stay in place and cause temporary marks, the small cups used in facial cupping are always in motion stroking and smoothing the skin and tissue beneath.  There are no marks on the face.  What is noticeable is:

  • Lines and wrinkles diminish in addition to the improved color and tone of the skin
  • Any scars tend to become less noticeable and softer
  • Less excess fluid in the face and around the eyes
  • Eyebrows are lifted and the forehead is tightened
  • Frown lines are diminished
  • Chin, jowl and neck areas are lifted and firmed
  • “Smile” lines, the lines between the nose and corner of the mouth are smoothed
  • Eyes look larger and brighter
  • Overall skin tone is balanced and healthier looking
  • Tension in the face is reduced
  • Sinuses begin to clear

There are many acupuncture points on the face with at least 7 meridian channels that begin or end in the face.  Facial cupping gently stimulates these acupuncture points which in turn affect these 7 channels.  Recipients of facial cupping report a sense of relaxation, increased energy, better sleep and overall balance after treatment. Therapeutic results are seen for conditions such as sinus infections, edema and TMJ disorders.

Since the results of facial cupping are cumulative, most facial cupping recipients notice continued improvement with each additional session. The recommended initial number of sessions is 5-6 although each person is different.  Monthly follow-up sessions help maintain the benefits achieved.

To view a demonstration of a facial cupping session, click on the following:

Carol Weeks Acupuncturist – facial cupping!!!! (The last 4 1/2 min has some great tips for “big thinkers” you can do to yourself.)

Posted by Jennifer Ledell Quirk on Friday, March 9, 2018

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